4 Myths About Veneers We Need to Bust Right Now

A beautiful smile and healthy pair of white teeth are simply part of your identity. Modern dental cosmetics such as veneers and laminates are effective chip-like resin restorations, but unfortunately have a few myths surrounding them.

In fact, our dentists at Dentistry at Consilium often hear questions from patients about veneer teeth because they aren’t sure if veneer restorations are right for them.

At Dentistry at Consilium, our team of dental professionals is pleased to offer veneer and dental laminates that improve the smiles of our patients and provide them a pain-free and noticeable change in their facial appearance. To that end, we’ve put together this short guide dedicated to busting four of the biggest myths about veneers before and after you get them:

Myth 1: They Are Fake Looking

 What are veneers, if not practical means to improve your facial appearance? The popular myth that veneers look fake is the result of improperly or poorly done dental laminates, which do look unnatural and in general give veneers a bad reputation.

While it’s true that veneers may look fake if they’re too big or wide to appear natural in a patient’s mouth, dental professionals like those at Dentistry at Consilium understand how to give veneers the proper care they deserve. Properly inserted veneers and laminates are translucent and practically impossible to distinguish from the rest of a patient’s teeth. 


If you’re still concerned that veneers may end up making your smile look less than natural, consult the dental professionals at Dentistry at Consilium to discover a pair of veneers that best compliments your natural smile.

Myth 2: They Will Weaken My Teeth

Some dental patients imagine that, in order to get veneers, they need to file down their natural teeth to tiny nubs. The myth that veneers weaken teeth has remained popular despite the truth to the contrary. 

Instead of weakening your teeth and the natural enamel that’s on them, veneers actually adhere to your teeth and increase durability without removing enamel. In reality, veneers made of porcelain can prevent tooth damage that occurs when patients grind and clench their jaw, and can help patients avoid long-term damage to their teeth.

Myth 3: They Will Make Eating More Difficult

 Porcelain veneers and dental laminates are so durable that they don’t have trouble dealing with strong chewing and biting forces. Modern veneers have a tensile strength that can compare to a natural set of teeth, making it easy for patients to eat with them without any difficulty.

We recommend that our patients avoid certain foods such as hard vegetables or tough meats right after they get their veneers. The professionals at Dentistry at Consilium can recommend foods that are best eaten after you get your veneers, as well as foods to avoid once you start regularly using dental laminates.

Myth 4: They Will Be Painful

By now, we hope that you’ve discovered that veneers fit each patient’s jaw structure and tooth size without causing discomfort. At Dentistry at Consilium, we’re proud to offer painless veneers and dental laminates for patients who suffer from chipped or cracked teeth and need a non-invasive restorative solution. Our veneers are made to adapt to the surface texture and shape of your teeth, so that you never feel a thing when you chew, bite, or clench your teeth. 

Learn More About Veneers with Dentistry at Consilium

The dental professionals at Dentistry at Consilium are pleased to offer our patients in the Scarborough, Toronto area with dental veneers that can help them smile confidently again. If you’re looking for dental veneers and aren’t sure if they’re the right restorative solution for you, the experts at Dentistry at Consilium can help.

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