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Our Comprehensive Additional Dental Services

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry services are recommended for those unhappy with or concerned about the function of their smiles. But did you know that the routine care that makes up our additional dental services in Scarborough, ON is just as important to preserving your smile and oral health? Many of these additional dental services are preventive in nature, meaning they can help treat oral conditions before they become serious problems requiring more restorative dental care! Do you have tooth pain, missing teeth, or are experiencing jaw pain or discomfort? Schedule an appointment with us for a personalized consultation. We can help determine which additional dental service could restore the beauty, health, and function of your smile.

Tooth-colored composite resin alternative to amalgam fillings that restore tooth shape after damage or cavity treatment.

Examinations of the inside of the mouth and tongue to check for suspicious discoloration, texture, or growths.

Services designed to prevent decay and disease, including examinations, x-rays, screenings, and fluoride and/or sealants.

Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas”, administered by wearing a mask over the nose for a calming and relaxing visit.

Removal of the frenulum, which attaches the upper lip and the tongue to the mouth, to increase their mobility.

Removal of a portion of the gum tissue covering the tooth crown to treat gum disease, a “gummy” smile, or recontour the gums.

Removal of infected pulp inside the tooth and placement of dental crown to preserve its natural structure and strength.

Mouth guards custom made to fit the teeth so they are unable to touch, relaxing the jaw joints and muscles.

Altering the surface of teeth to create a more harmonious bite to reduce grinding and stress to the jaw muscles.

Custom mouth guards to help relieve excess stress to the jaw joints and muscles and reduce pain and discomfort.

Custom artificial tooth replacements for a full arch of failing or missing teeth that rest on the gums.

What Care Does Your Smile Need To Be Healthy And Beautiful?​

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