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Enhance Your Smile’s Natural Beauty and Function

Improving How Teeth Look and Function

Do you hate the way your smile looks? Are you struggling to eat comfortably or speak clearly due to damaged or missing teeth? Full mouth reconstruction is a cosmetic dentistry treatment process that aims to improve these cosmetic and functional issues! Made up of a series of customized procedures, full mouth reconstruction can replace missing teeth, improve their appearance, and change their shape and size—all with materials that look natural and can withstand daily activities like biting and chewing. Our team has received the necessary training in these procedures and has spent many years helping patients improve how their smile looks and functions with full mouth reconstruction treatment. It can be embarrassing and painful to have teeth that are too damaged or decayed to function properly. Full mouth reconstruction is an option for patients who wish to enhance the natural beauty and health of their smiles!

The Benefits of Whole-Mouth Rehabilitation

By combining tailored treatments, full mouth reconstruction can offer patients in Scarborough, ON the following benefits:

How Is Full Mouth Reconstruction Accomplished?

Full mouth reconstruction treatment is different for every patient, but we always strive for the same end goal: improving the health, function, and beauty of their smiles. We begin with a consultation to help us understand your smile goals and an evaluation to see what oral conditions will need treatment. Full mouth reconstruction can be as simple as bonding veneers to the visible front teeth or as complex as replacing many missing or failing teeth. We will work together to create a treatment plan that best reflects your goals and the procedures your teeth need to improve their appearance and function. Over the next few weeks or months, we will help create a smile for you that you will be proud to call your own!

Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatments

Don’t Live With A Painful Or Embarrassing Smile Any Longer!

Teeth Whitening

Everyday life takes a toll on the vibrance of your smile. The most common causes of stained teeth include drinking coffee and wine and smoking. Over time, these lifestyle habits can wear away at the enamel, dulling your smile. To turn back the clock on your smile, seek professional teeth whitening with a dentist.
At our Scarborough dental office, we offer various tooth whitening to suit a range of lifestyles and budgets.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are custom-made coverings placed over the visible top of the tooth to mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. They’re an excellent solution for those looking to brighten their smile without bleaching, fix chips or crooked teeth, and fill in gaps in your smile.
We’ve been caring for smiles in the Scarborough area for years. Let us help you uncover a natural-looking radiant smile. 

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may encounter a dental emergency that requires surgery. Dental crowns and bridges help to complete a smile with missing or severely damaged teeth. Our dentists will custom match crowns to the shape and colour of your existing teeth, so they blend right in. 
Dental implants not only improve the look and function of your teeth, but they’re crucial dental procedures that help to prevent large scale structural problems down the road. 

Dentistry At Consilium Can Help You Restore Your Smile And Confidence

We all know the importance of a good first impression. Having a great smile that exudes warmth and confidence can make favourable and lasting impressions with those we interact with. 
Throughout your dental care with Dentistry at Consilium, we get to know you so that we can approach treatments to suit your lifestyle and protect the longevity of your smile.
If you’re considering a full mouth reconstruction procedure at our Scarborough dental office, give us a call. You’ll find our practice progressive and compassionate. 

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