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Many people are aware that gum disease is a harmful oral condition, but did you know that untreated gum disease can seriously affect the health and function of the gums, bone, and teeth? Untreated gum disease has also been linked to systemic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. While gum disease is incurable, it is rarely untreatable, and the good news is that there are many types of treatments at our Scarborough, ON office available to treat gum disease at any stage! Along with providing traditional treatment, we are trained in LANAP®, a minimally invasive alternative option that utilizes dental lasers to remove disease and bacteria. Many patients choose this solution because it eliminates the need for incisions and sutures and helps promote a faster and healthier recovery. Patients from the Scarborough, ON area with any of the following symptoms who wish to receive care from our experienced dentists can schedule a gum disease consultation at our office today!

Gum Disease Treatment, Scarborough, ON
Gum Disease Treatment, Scarborough, ON
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Gum Disease Treatment Can Improve:

Our Gum Disease Treatment Options

Scaling and Root Planing


Osseous Surgery

Periodontal Maintenance

Treat Gum Disease Before It Harms Your Oral Health!

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