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Gum Recession Treatment in Scarborough

Chao Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation

Do you feel too self-conscious to smile due to gum recession? Your gums can pull away from teeth due to factors such as grinding or clenching, over-brushing, age, periodontal (gum) disease and other systemic health conditions.

If you’re experiencing gum disease, you may have sensitivity, pain and recession. It’s important to address gum recession as healthy gums are essential for overall oral health. Treating gums also can give you the beautiful, confidence-boosting smile you deserve!

At Dentistry at Consilium, we offer the revolutionary Pinhole gum rejuvenation treatment to correct receding gums. Dr. John Chao created the tools and techniques needed to perform the Pinhole treatment, which involves adjusting existing gum tissue.

The Benefits of Pinhole Treatment

There are several reasons that pinhole treatment is the leading-edge solution to treat gum recession:

  • Provides natural-looking results
  • Improves the quality of your smile
  • Is minimally invasive
  • Eliminates need for sutures or grafts
  • There’s no swelling or bleeding
  • Has a quick recovery time

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages over other treatment types?

Many people worry that treating gum recession will be painful, causing them to put off their visit to the dentist. With these innovations, we can use a tiny pinhole to treat receding gums, with no scalpels or other cutting necessary and little downtime after the procedure.

Before the Pinhole treatment was developed, correcting gum recession would require grafts taken from either a donor or the roof of your mouth that were then placed over the receding gums. This more invasive surgical procedure also involves downtime afterward as your mouth heals.

What can Pinhole gum rejuvenation do for you?

This treatment is ideal for correcting receding gums, which can help to remedy sensitive teeth, restoring your confidence in smiling and preventing tooth loss from occurring.


How does the procedure work?

During the procedure, Dr. Saini  uses a needle to create a pinhole incision in the gum tissue. Then, the area is filled with a collagen membrane and pulled downward to cover the recession, which heals as a natural part of your gums. The procedure is virtually pain-free and offers little to no discomfort immediately following. The treatment can be performed on multiple teeth in a single visit taking just an hour or two.

Find Out If It’s Right For You

Wondering if Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation can help restore your smile and save your teeth from gum recession? Contact our practice today and book your consultation to get started. We look forward to seeing you!

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