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Dental Implants in Scarborough

Tooth and implant illustrationWe understand that tooth loss not only can impact your overall appearance but your self-esteem as well. Have you ever wondered what your smile might look like if that missing tooth was replaced? To help you smile with greater confidence, we offer dental implants that look and feel exactly like natural teeth.

Dental implants are often used as an alternative to bridges and regular dentures because they have many advantages. These advantages include their completely natural appearance, convenience and ability to maintain bone mass — a quality that makes additional tooth loss far less likely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dental implants?

Implants are made up of a titanium screw and a post that is covered with a crown, bridge or denture. We place the implant into the jawbone where it replaces the tooth root. After several months, the implant attaches to the bone, acting and looking like a natural tooth would.

What are the benefits of having dental implants?

Dental implants provide many advantages. They can:

  • restore your smile.
  • look, feel and function like natural teeth.
  • prevent bone loss.
  • help you eat the foods you love.
  • provide denture stabilisation.

What does the procedure involve?

A patient needs to be evaluated to ensure there is enough bone available to secure the implant. Impressions are taken to provide the necessary mold for a customised implant. When the implant is ready for insertion, Dr. Saini or Dr. Train cuts the gum at the insertion site to expose the bone.

The implant is inserted, and the gums around the implant are stitched to close up the incision. Once the implant is firmly embedded into the bone, a post is attached to it, and then Dr. Saini or Dr. Train creates a permanent tooth replacement for you.

Are dental implants right for me?

There are different types of implant procedures that can be used to meet your individual oral health goals:

  • Single-tooth implants – This type of implant replaces one missing tooth, restoring your smile and the function of all your teeth. After the implant is placed, a restoration such as a crown or bridge can be attached to it.
  • Implant-supported dentures – Two to four implants support your dentures and can be securely affixed so you can talk and eat as you wish.

Want to Know More?

At Dentistry at Consilium we are always available to answer any questions you have about your dental health and the choices that are available to address specific conditions. If you’re concerned about missing teeth and your available options, or if you have any questions at all involving your dental health – feel free to give us a call and book a consultation. CONTACT US »

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