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Are you considering getting dental implants? Do you want to know more about them? If so, the professionals at Dentistry at Consilium have you covered. 

The phrase “dental implants” is most commonly used to describe a set of metal posts or frames surgically inserted into a patient’s jawbone by a dental expert. Once these posts are in place, a dentist can install new teeth onto them, thus providing a secure, pleasant, and (most importantly) permanent solution for those with unique oral care needs.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misunderstanding regarding what dental implants are and what they are designed to do. Here, we dissect the most common myths regarding dental implants. Read on to learn more. 

Dental Implants Don’t Look Natural 

Dentures are often visible; therefore, implants must be as well, right? Not at all!

Implants are so similar to natural teeth that no one will suspect you have them unless you tell them. This is due to advancements in dental technology and the translucent nature of the materials used in the implant crown.

Moreover, implants also assist your face and mouth in maintaining their natural shape. So, you can be rest assured there is nothing unnatural about them.

Older People Aren’t Good Candidates for Dental Implants 

The truth is that age has no bearing on whether or not a person is a good candidate for an implant. A restorative dentist will assess a patient’s overall health, jaw bone strength, and gum health. These are what matter—not a person’s age. In fact, implants can benefit people of all ages.

Dental Implants Require a Lot of Maintenance 

Implants require the same level of care as natural teeth. Regularly brushing and flossing is sufficient to keep them in good condition. This makes maintaining them simple and convenient.

Implant Surgery is Painful 

This is a rather popular myth. Are dental implants painful is a question we frequently encounter during our clinical practice. Fortunately, you have nothing to worry about!

The implant surgery itself is a painless procedure. This is because it is performed under anesthesia, which ensures you are comfortable during the treatment.

You may experience some tenderness following the procedure, but this is normal and easily treated with over-the-counter pain medication. In some instances, stronger pain relievers may be necessary, but this is rare. 

Dental Implants Are Risky 

Every surgery carries some risk, but dental implant surgery has a 95%-98% success rate. Few things in life have such a high rate of success. In addition, implants do not fall out and thus cannot be lost, except in exceptional situations.

You’ll Have New Teeth in a Day

This misconception stems from aggressive advertising campaigns, which leads people to believe they can get their implants in a day.

Although implants are typically placed in a patient’s mouth in a single day, the total dental implant procedure includes an initial consultation, x-rays or scans, implant preparation, and maybe follow-up sessions. This process ensures that a patient is a good candidate for implants, and that they are placed correctly, thus maximizing the chances for success.

After a Dental Implant You May Have Many Food Restrictions

You may need to follow your dentist’s advice regarding what you can and cannot eat in the days following the operation. However, you can eat or drink whatever you want once the wound has healed, and you have received clearance from the dentist.

Ready to Get Your Dental Implants?

A dental implant can be a permanent solution to your oral care problems. If you are looking to schedule your procedure or are just interested in learning more about the dental implant cost and procedure, we can help. 

Call Dentistry at Consilium at 416-296-1080, or visit our website to book a consultation today. 

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