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Dentures are dental appliances used to replace missing teeth. Dentistry at Consilium is a professional denture clinic in Scarborough that educates patients about the benefits of dentures and whether they’re the right solution for their needs. While there are many benefits of wearing dentures, there are a few drawbacks as well. Whether dentures will work in your case or not depends on your oral health, lifestyle, and goals. We also provide denture repair Scarborough to maintain the stunning beauty and functionality of your smile. 

Achieve your Smile Goals

Why Should You Get Dentures?

Missing teeth not only impedes normal eating but also reduces confidence when smiling or talking. Dentistry at Consilium is your trusted denture clinic in Scarborough that is dedicated to delivering world-class dentistry and helping you smile confidently.

Dentures are removable appliances for covering missing teeth and protecting the surrounding tissues. There are various kinds of dentures – full dentures that replace all teeth in the upper or lower jaw, and partial dentures that are only used to replace a few missing teeth.

Depending on the cause of your lost teeth, like tooth decay, physical trauma, or periodontics, our dentists will recommend full or partial dentures. Whether you’ve lost a few teeth or multiple teeth, our denture clinic in Scarborough can restore your beautiful smile.

A partial denture helps to replace missing teeth while some natural teeth remain. The denture is supported by these adjacent teeth via clasps or a framework. Alternatively, full dentures are used when you’ve lost all your teeth in the upper or lower jaw. In this case, advanced dental work is required.

Denture Specialists in Scarborough

Dr. Pal Saini, a specialist periodontist, has been operating our clinic for over a decade. He has been serving the Scarborough community with outstanding patient care and dental excellence. Over the years, he has built high-quality dentures for patients with missing teeth. He and his team offer personalized and professional services to keep your oral health in supreme condition. 

We are passionate about restoring your confidence and your beautiful smile. 

We can install dentures and also specialize in denture repair in Scarborough. Our denture clinic in Scarborough offers:

Full dentures

Partial dentures

Denture repairs

Implants overdentures

Splints & mouthguards

Denture cleaning

Tooth retainers

And much more

Benefits of Dentures

Patients with gaps between their teeth greatly benefit from dentures. Dentures are effective appliances to replace teeth non-invasively. Whether partial or full denture, no surgery or incision is required to fit these dental appliances in your mouth.

Dentures are quick and easy solutions, and when you choose a professional denture clinic in Scarborough, you get top-notch denture work with natural results.

How Dentures Replace Your Missing Teeth?

When you visit us seeking a solution for missing teeth, we follow a meticulous procedure for fixing dentures:

Step 1. Consultation

We’ll assess your teeth and discuss all possible options, including dentures. Our dentists will analyze your dental history, the number of remaining teeth, the health of your remaining teeth, the condition of your gums, and your smile goals. 

Step 2. Denture Fabrication

After examining your teeth and gums, we’ll take mold impressions of your teeth and gums to prepare a denture that fits you comfortably. We obtain an accurate impression of your mouth to customize your denture. 

Step 3. Denture Fitting

Once your dentures are ready at our dental laboratory, we fix an appointment to fit them in your mouth with precision. We also make adjustments to properly align dentures so that you’re comfortable with your fully functional dentures. 

Step 4. Implants Supports

Sometimes, dentures have to be supported with implants for additional stability. Implants are mostly required when there are multiple missing teeth. Also known as overdentures, these denture implants are secured to the jaw bone for a fail-safe restoration. 

Step 5. Denture Repairs

Dentures undergo wear and tear gradually over time. They may also need to be adjusted for maximum performance. We offer relines and denture repair in Scarborough.

Step 6. Post-procedural Care

Our dentists will provide tips on how to maintain, clean, remove, and store your dentures. We’ll also provide tips to maintain your overall oral health and help you adjust to dentures.

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