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Gingivectomy is a periodontal treatment to remove excess gum tissues. Gum tissues can be very thick and may cover the entire tooth surface in some people. This makes their teeth appear shorter. Gum anomaly can occur due to natural reasons like an extended bone too close to the tooth surface, inflammation caused by gum disease, or due to extraneous factors like medications.

At Dentistry at Consilium, we’re committed to protecting your great smile. We offer general and advanced dentistry procedures, including Gingivectomy Scarborough. We can use this micro-surgical procedure to modify your gums. Our dentists can surgically remove gum tissues, or gingiva, to prevent gum infections from spreading and maintain your oral aesthetics.

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What is Gingivectomy?

Gingivectomy is a noninvasive procedure to remove excess gums around teeth. The procedure treats gum diseases or increases the length and thickness of the tooth. Our dentists ensure that patients stay as comfortable as possible throughout their Gingivectomy Scarborough procedure.

After the treatment, our dentists will provide advice for your fast recovery. As the premier dental clinic in Scarborough, Dentistry at Consilium is committed to keeping your teeth healthy and smiling beautiful.

The Need for Gingivectomy

Gum diseases and infections can loosen your teeth. Bacteria, food debris, and saliva may lead to the formation of deep pockets in your gums. In this case, Gingivectomy can help. Our dentists perform Gingivectomy Scarborough by removing the infected or loose gum tissues. This process reduces the gap between your teeth and restores healthy gums.

Gingivectomy is mostly performed in severe conditions, as patients suffering from extreme periodontal diseases may not benefit from other treatments. Here are some instances when Gingivectomy becomes necessary:

Excess Gum Tissue Due to Medications

If the gum covers too much of the teeth, Gingivectomy can make the teeth appear longer and proportional by removing excess gums. 

Excess Gums Formation Due to Medication

Certain medications such as organ-transplant medications, anti-seizure medications, and high blood pressure drugs can cause gingival overgrowth. Gingivectomy Scarborough can remove the excess gum tissue caused by medications. 

Formation of Gum Pockets

The formation of deep gum pockets around the teeth may require Gingivectomy. The procedure can shrink these pockets – though advanced bone work may be required. 

Gingivectomy Procedure

The Gingivectomy Scarborough procedure begins by anesthetizing the treatment area. Our dentists then use a scalpel blade to remove excess gum tissue. In severe cases, we may also use a rotary instrument to complete the procedure. Minor cases don’t require stitches – but severe ones may require stitches to close the incision.

Patients undergoing Gingivitis Scarborough treatment may experience soreness in the treatment area for a day or two. Our dentists will provide medications to alleviate any pain or discomfort post-treatment. You may have to check in for follow-up appointments for healing properly and the best results.

Certified Gingivitis Scarborough Experts

Dentistry at Consilium has a team of expert dentists who specialize in all kinds of dentistry services. We also have solutions for gum anomalies and can treat gum diseases and infections with a wide range of treatments.

Consult with us to learn more about Gingivitis Scarborough and if it is the right treatment for you. Our dentists are passionate about helping you achieve a glorious smile.

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