New Teeth Placed By Trained Dentists

Dental implants are considered one of the best tooth replacement solutions in dentistry today, and we at Dentistry at Consilium are pleased to offer them to patients with one or more missing teeth. In order to last long-term, dental implants must be placed and restored by trained dental professionals. For this reason, it is important to know what to expect with dental implants and the treatment process before choosing a dentist to place your implants.

At Dentistry at Consilium, our Scarborough, ON dentists are trained in the surgical placement of implants and have many years of experience helping patients regain complete, healthy, and beautiful smiles! We have established protocols for our implant treatment process and are transparent with our patients about what to expect with dental implants. In most cases, your dental implants can be placed within 4 weeks of your first consultation, with your final restorations secured only a few months after surgery!

Our Dental Implants Process

Step 1:
Initial Consultation

Your first consultation will be informational, where we will discuss with you how many dental implants you will need and other preliminary procedures that will need to be completed first.

Step 2:
Implant Placement

On the day of surgery, we will extract any failing teeth, then place the dental implants and place bone grafts at the treatment site if neededs. You will return in 2 weeks for a follow-up appointment to ensure your implants are healing properly.

Step 3:

Your third appointment 2 months later will consist of taking impressions, which will be used in the creation of your restoration. We partner with a trusted dental lab experienced in designing and creating custom restorations.

Step 4:
Final Restorations

After a week has passed, you will return to our office for final fitting and to have your final restoration secured to the dental implant(s). You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of your permanent new teeth starting today!

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What To Expect With Dental Implants

What to Expect with Dental Implants at Dentistry at Consilium