Helping Patients Achieve An Attractive Smile

Do you have an uneven gum line or feel your teeth look too “short”? Commonly known as a “gummy” smile, this excess of gum tissue leaves many patients embarrassed to show their teeth when they smile. One of the simplest ways we can reverse the appearance of a gummy smile is through soft tissue recontouring, an effective procedure that can be accomplished in one appointment.

Soft tissue recontouring can improve the appearance of the smile by creating symmetry between the teeth and gums and balancing out the gum line. This cosmetic crown lengthening can provide patients with a more harmonious tooth-to-gum ratio and improve their smile aesthetics for a stunning, confident new look! Our exprienced dentists offer soft tissue recontouring for patients desiring a more attractive smile and for those who may need more restorative care to treat decay underneath the gum tissue.

Types Of Soft Tissue Recontouring

  • Aesthetic crown lengthening removes excess gum tissue to expose more of the tooth crowns and increase their aesthetic appeal.
  • Functional crown lengthening removes gum tissue to expose damage or decay on the tooth crowns for proper restorative treatment.

Reduce Or Eliminate Tooth Sensitivity With Gum Recession Treatment!

Custom Care, Beautiful Results

Crown lengthening procedures can improve the appearance of the entire smile, giving patients a more natural and aesthetic look, without causing major discomfort. Soft tissue recontouring as a gummy smile treatment is driven by your unique smile goals and how you desire your smile to appear cosmetically once treatment is complete. We will help you determine the best tooth-to-gum ratio for your unique facial shape. Functional soft tissue recontouring gives us access to parts of your tooth that need treatment for a cavity, fracture, or other damage, decay, or disease. If a tooth requires a dental crown, a portion of the gum tissue must be removed so that the crown can be bonded securely. No matter if cosmetic or functional, we are experienced in providing custom care for our patients and can help improve the appearance of your smile with soft tissue recontouring!

The Proof Is In Our Patients

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Soft Tissue Recontouring

Improve the Balance and Beauty of Your Smile