Specialist Grinding Teeth Treatment in Scarborough

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is an oral parafunction that is commonly prevalent in adults and children alike. Most people grind their teeth during the day and while asleep with little or no damage to their teeth and jaws. However, aggressively or continuously grinding teeth can cause severe damage to oral health and risk complications.

Additionally, alcohol, drugs, and sleep disorders can further exacerbate the problem. While prevalent in adults and children alike, bruxism is mostly developed at a young age due to cold, infection, or earaches. If left untreated, it may lead to severe problems.

At Dentistry at Consilium, we offer grinding teeth treatment to reverse the damage caused by any forceful contact between teeth. Whether you’re grinding your teeth, grating loudly, or clenching silently, our dentists are experts in treating bruxism with various treatment methods. We have the devices and tools to prevent tooth damage caused by grinding teeth.

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Why Should Bruxism Be Treated at the Earliest?

Bruxism may lead to serious consequences if untreated. Here are some reasons why you should consult with our dentists for a grinding teeth treatment at the earliest:

Tooth Loss & Gum Damage

Grinding teeth continuously damages your soft tissues. This damage results in deep gum pockets and loose teeth where bacteria start colonizing and gradually damage the supporting bone. Gum recession and tooth loss are the most common reasons for treating bruxism.

Short & Blunt Teeth

Constantly grinding teeth will gradually shorten or blunt the teeth. If left unabated, it may further cause muscular pains and even headaches.

Fractured Teeth

Abnormal grinding patterns may lead to fractures in the teeth. This is called occlusal trauma. An advanced restorative treatment may be necessary in such cases.


In extreme bruxism, patients risk developing arthritis in the temporomandibular joints, or joints around the jawline that allow it to open.

Grinding Teeth Treatment at Dentistry at Consilium

Bruxism may occur due to several reasons. While some may be involuntary – such as during sleep – it may also occur when the patient is wide awake. Most patients outgrow their teeth-grinding habit by themselves, and in others, the condition isn’t severe enough to cause damage.

However, there are devices, medications, and other treatments available if bruxism is severe.

There are various grinding teeth treatments available at Dentistry at Consilium. Here are some treatments for bruxism:


A proprietary mouthguard created from your teeth impressions can help minimize teeth grinding during sleep. These devices are recommended on a long-term basis to protect teeth damage and the joints in your jawbone.

Dental Correction

If the condition has exacerbated to the extent that it inhibits chewing or has led to extreme sensitivity, our dentists will reshape your tooth surface with crowns to repair the damage.

Botox & Muscle Relaxants

Muscle relaxants can ease muscles before bedtime to prevent any grinding while asleep. In severe cases where no other treatment is effective, our dentist may recommend botox injections to relax and weaken muscles without interfering with normal functions like cheering or eating.

Behavior Change

If your bruxism is detected early, you can change your behavior with guided mouth and jaw positioning by our experienced dentists.

Stress Management

Some people also develop bruxism due to stress. Stress-related bruxism can be cured by relaxation practices such as meditation. Our dentists will refer you to a licensed therapist if stress is causing you to grind your teeth.

The Best Grinding Teeth Treatment Near Me

Whether you’ve recently discovered your teeth-grinding habit or are feeling pain and discomfort due to it, consult with Dentistry at Consilium at the earliest for the best diagnosis and treatment. We have devices, medications, and procedures to restore an aesthetic appeal to your smile.