Improve Implant Health And Stability

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that last long-term, but they are unfortunately not immune to infection. Ailing and failing dental implants are a serious concern and should be treated as soon as possible. For dental implants affected by peri-implantitis we can restore a healthier environment through the minimally invasive LAPIP™ protocol. Leveraging dental laser technology, LAPIP can treat diseased tissue surrounding the dental implant, vaporizing harmful bacteria and buildup on and around the implant. Many patients with peri-implantitis choose the LAPIP protocol due to its virtually non-invasive nature and its ability to aid in the regeneration of new bone and tissue growth around their implant. With LAPIP, dental implants can be saved and returned back to a healthy, stable condition! Our exprienced team is trained and experienced in the LAPIP protocol and offers this procedure to patients suffering from peri-implantitis.

LAPIP Can Restore Implants By…

  • Eradicating bacterial and buildup
  • Regenerating new bone and tissue growth
  • Saving vital healthy gum tissue
  • Re-stabilizing implant posts

Targeted Treatment For Long-Term Success

The LAPIP protocol can provide very targeted laser treatment for peri-implantitis, helping to improve the long-term success of dental implants after treatment. Because LAPIP dental lasers only target diseased tissue, healthy gum tissue is saved and encouraged to reattach to the implants without losing valuable height, a concern of conventional treatment when scalpels remove both diseased and healthy tissue. Targeted LAPIP treatment is also much less invasive then conventional measures, usually only requiring local anesthetic during the procedure and relieving much of the anxiety associated with traditional cut-and-sew surgery. For many Scarborough, ON patients with peri-implantitis, the LAPIP protocol provides better comfort and convenience, while minimizing pain and post-operative healing time!

Treat Your Peri-Implantitis With The Minimally Invasive LAPIP Protocol!

LAPIP® Laser Gum Therapy

LAPIP™: Scalpel-Free Peri-Implantitis Treatment