Get High-priority Emergency Dental Care in Scarborough

Dentistry at Consilium is committed to providing high-priority emergency dental services in Scarborough. Our dentists are fully equipped to handle all urgent cases within minutes.

Whether you require emergency dental services such as tooth extraction or have damaged teeth, tooth pain, or related problems, Dentistry at Consilium is available for help the second you need it.

Get complete dental emergency services in Scarborough

Emergency services are available all 7 days a week

All dental emergency services under one roof

We accept new patients with or without dental insurance

All dental insurance plans are accepted

Get Immediate Care for Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are anything but fun. Whether you’re suffering from pain or not, an emergency is a cause of worry for everyone. To prevent complications, you should schedule immediate care at a care provider near you. Contact Dentistry at Consilium for assistance if you’re suffering from any of the following:


Toothaches make it difficult to go about your day. The cause of pain could be an infection, tooth decay, or foreign bodies between teeth. The first step to solving the problem is to schedule an appointment with emergency dental Scarborough. Our dentists are available round-the-clock to serve you.

Fractured Tooth

Chipped or fractured teeth require immediate care. Whether you have the cracked part of the tooth intact or not, don’t wait for a dental appointment. Contact Dentistry at Consilium immediately and we’ll tend to you at once

Gum Swelling or Bleeding

Infection causes gums to swell, redden, or bleed. Tooth infections can be painful. If left unchecked, they can cause excessive bleeding and pus. Don’t wait any longer if you suspect a tooth or gum infection, don’t wait any longer. Get in touch with our emergency dental Scarborough services for immediate treatment.

Broken Tooth

Broken or damaged teeth may be the result of an accident, contact sports like soccer, rugby, boxing, or other physical activities. Get immediate attention to preserve your tooth and restore its original form and function. Dentistry at Consilium is here to provide emergency dental services for your instant relief.

Knocked out Tooth

Teeth can get knocked out due to an accidental trauma such as playing sports. Partial or complete, knocked-out teeth require extreme care to avoid further risk and complications. Contact Dentistry at Consilium for assistance

Broken Dental Bridges, Implants, or Dentures

If your dentures, dental implants, or bridges get broken or damaged, it can affect your regular activities and confidence. Such incidents happen suddenly, and you may be trying to fix them on impulse. You don’t have to. Dentists at Consilium can repair your dental appliances whenever you need them. Call us for an emergency dental Scarborough appointment.

Looking for Emergency Dental Care Near You?

Dental emergencies can affect anyone at any time. If it happens, the key is to know what to do next. At Dentistry at Consilium, we’re a group of experienced professional dentists who are committed to providing dental solutions whenever you need them. We understand that such emergencies can happen unexpectedly, which is why we offer our services at any time of the day. We’re trained and equipped with precision instruments to handle emergency cases and provide immediate care to people of all ages, even children.

Emergency Dental Services at Dentistry at Consilium

Unexpected tooth problems can cause severe discomfort and pain. We treat all oral pains and injuries as a top priority. Our virtuoso dentists are available to take care of all your dental needs.

Dentistry at Consilium provides a complete array of emergency dental services in Scarborough, Ontario, including:

Dental fillings reduce pain and prevent further spread of tooth infections. Our dentists specialize in dental fillings

Dental Bridges

We can replace your missing teeth by joining artificial teeth to your adjacent teeth. We provide dental restoration services for emergency cases.

Tooth Extractions

The appearance of a wisdom tooth is a very painful experience. We can extract wisdom tooth to provide immediate relief.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are used to cover teeth with dental cavities. Crowns are also used to cover exposed teeth after a root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is required to decontaminate infected teeth and prevent further decay or deterioration.

Dental X-ray

Our dentists provide a complete assessment of your dental problems with a dental X-ray.

Get Urgent Care with Emergency Dental Scarborough

At Dentists at Consilium, we regularly sanitize your clinic and equipment to ensure your health and safety. Because we provide emergency dental services, we ensure that our office stays clean and hygienic for every patient.

Scarborough Dental Emergencies to Serve You Better

Focused Care

Our dentists are trained to provide urgent care for any dental emergency. We’re calm and focused on what we do so that our patients are also at ease.

Round-the-clock Availability

Our emergency dentists Scarborough are available to provide dental care to patients all day long. Our dentists work on shifts so that anyone in need of urgent attention can avail of our services.

Safety & Satisfaction

Panic often worsens an emergency. At Dentistry at Consilium, we help our patients stay calm and relaxed while our dentists take care of their oral needs. We love to see every client walk out with a beautiful smile.

All You Need to Know About Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency is when you need immediate attention for your oral health. It can include injuries from accidents that cause chipped or broken teeth, or severe pain due to infection or growing wisdom teeth. If you feel pain or are suffering from bleeding, swelling, or an infection, you need emergency dental care.

Reach out to Dentistry at Consilium in case of a dental emergency and explain your symptoms. We can mostly accommodate walk-ins and same-day appointments, however, your appointment may also be scheduled the next day if necessary.

Emergency diagnosis of dental issues may include procedures or operations. These may range from $100 to $300, depending on the problem and procedures required to solve them.

Our clinic is all equipped and sanitized, and our dentists are ready for any emergency dental situation. During a visit, we will examine your oral situation with a dental X-ray. Once our dentists complete the assessment, we will go ahead with the prescribed procedure. Depending on your situation, we may also provide temporary pain relief and medications

Our Scarborough emergency dentists can stop pain or bleeding caused by an injury. We can also diagnose underlying issues that are causing you pain and prevent it from getting worse with appropriate treatment.