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Teeth discoloration is inevitable over time, regardless of how rigorous your oral hygiene routine is. Everyday substances such as tea, coffee, and certain medicines can cause deterioration of the tooth nerves and eventually stain your teeth. Tarnished teeth can put a blemish on your appearance and thereby, affect your confidence. Doctors at Consilium offer a quick and simple solution for stained teeth. We provide in-office teeth whitening to clean your teeth instantly and improve your smile. Get a total smile makeover with a teeth whitening Scarborough and laugh as vibrant as you did before.

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Why Choose a Dentist for Teeth Whitening Rather than Over-the-counter Medicines?

Everyone requires teeth whitening at some point in time. But with the sheer range of options available, you must understand which one is best for you. While there are many popular over-the-counter (OTC) options like DIY at-home kits, whitening toothpaste, and more, having your teeth cleaned by a professional dentist is considered the most effective and long-term solution.

Although OTC alternatives are much cheaper, they have several associated risks. As they don’t consider your dental condition and history, using certain products can damage teeth with weak enamel or cavities. Moreover, a dentist will understand the root cause of your tooth discoloration. Ignoring the cause and taking matters into your own hands can lead to the issue worsening.

When you choose a dentist for teeth whitening Scarborough, you will be treated by a registered practitioner under Canadian law and enjoy all protections accorded by RCDSO, the dental health regulator.

OTC products don’t consider your oral history or your sensitivity levels. To get the best teeth whitening treatment, schedule an appointment with the skilled and experienced professionals at Dentistry at Consilium. We can achieve optimal results by reversing discoloration and whitening your teeth again.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening at Dentistry at Consilium can restore your beautiful smile to its original by removing enamel discoloration and making your teeth whitening and bright. Professional teeth whitening at Scarborough has several benefits, including:

Immediate results

A single session takes 30-40 minutes, depending on the extent of discoloration.

Personalized Treatment

Your teeth whitening treatment can be tailored to your unique needs and dental history.


You can schedule in-office teeth whitening at your convenience.


Teeth whitening by a dentist allows you to lighten enamel by several shades at once.

Dentistry at Consilium has refreshed the smiles of hundreds of patients before special occasions and events with instantly noticeable results. Arrange a consultation today with our dentists. We will analyze your oral condition and formulate the best teeth whitening Scarborough plan to restore your aesthetic smile.

Teeth Whitening at Scarborough

If you’re considering teeth whitening, there are certain things you need to look out for. Firstly, a dentist will ensure whether you’re the right candidate for teeth whitening or not. Secondly, having a professional perform the treatment is essential to protect your teeth and gums.

Book an appointment for teeth whitening in Scarborough and talk to the friendly team at Dentistry at Consilium. Our teeth whitening treatment is a gentle solution to clean and whiten teeth with minimal sensitivity or discomfort. So, how is the procedure done? Let’s take a look.

Dr. Saini and Dr. Jasat understand that each patient is different, and so are their needs. During the initial consultation, our dentists will explain the right treatment plan for your unique lifestyle. We will then develop a custom plan to achieve your aesthetic goals while taking into account your sensitivity levels. We take a tailored approach and believe it to be the most effective in attaining the desired results.

Once complete, you can notice a visible difference in your smile with white teeth.


Book a consultation with the Dentistry at Consilium team today. With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, we can customize the treatment to meet your needs.

How Long Do the Teeth Whitening Results Last?

Teeth whitening isn’t a permanent solution, but they do provide long-lasting results. The whitening starts to fade in 1-3 years as you carry on with your lifestyle. Eventually, touch-up sessions will become necessary to maintain white teeth.

It should also be noted that teeth whitening treatments don’t work on dental appliances such as porcelain veneers or ceramic materials in bonding and caps. In case of severe discoloration, a single treatment may not be sufficient. Multiple treatments become necessary in these cases.

Transform your Smile Today

The quickest and easiest way to improve your smile and restore confidence is teeth whitening. Schedule a consultation by contacting Dentistry at Consilium for teeth whitening in Scarborough. We will discuss your options and take years off your appearance with a tailored solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth whitening at a professional dental clinic is effective in whitening your teeth by at least two shades than what they currently are. However, every patient is different, and so is their lifestyle and oral history. There’s no way to predict the results accurately. That said, we have also treated patients and made their teeth more than two shades whiter.

Neither over-the-counter products nor in-office teeth whitening offer permanent results. Depending on each patient’s lifestyle and diet, the results can last 1-3 years. Smoking, coffee, and red wine consumption will also affect its longevity. Over time, these stains settle in and gradually cause discoloration.

Teeth whitening is a lunchtime solution that doesn’t require at-home maintenance. The procedure takes under an hour, though it can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. The duration depends on the severity of discoloration and teeth sensitivity.

No. Teeth whitening agents simply break down the stain molecules, making the surface of the tooth reflect more light. These agents pose no damage to the teeth. Treatments that utilize laser beams are also safe, as the beam is only projected for 30 seconds at a time. This way, the risk of heat damage is minimized.

You should avoid drinking tea, coffee, red wine, and fizzy drinks at least 48 hours after the treatment.