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Tooth Fillings Scarborough for a Seamless Smile

A tooth filling is a restorative dental treatment that protects and restores teeth damaged by cavities or decay. At Dentistry at Consilium, we provide tooth filling Scarborough to patients to promote healthy oral hygiene.

Tooth decay is a common oral concern caused by poor dental hygiene. The consumption of sugar and sugary beverages weakens the enamel, eventually leading to tooth decay. If left unchecked, the decay can spread to adjacent teeth as well. Practicing good oral hygiene is critical to maintain healthy and clean teeth.

Our tooth-filling clinic believes ‘in a prevention is better than cure’ approach. Our dentists will diagnose and treat your problems at the earliest with regular check-ups. If filling is necessary, our experienced dentists will remove the decayed material, clean your tooth, and fill it with composite resin, silver amalgam, or any other material of your choosing.

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Why do you Need a Dental Filling?

Decaying Tooth

Tooth decay is the most common cause for people to visit a tooth-filling clinic. Many experience tooth decay due to poor oral hygiene. Lack of proper brushing or flooding may lead to food residues – especially sugar – stuck on the tooth. Residual sugar may lead to cavities penetrating the second layer of the tooth if left unchecked.

Damaged Tooth

Cracked, fractured, or chipped teeth may also require filling to restore normal appearance and function. Tooth damage may be caused by an accident, while playing sports, or due to teeth grinding or crunching. All these lead to weakened or damaged enamel over time.

Replacing Previous Filling

Patients who have undergone a dental filling procedure must check up regularly with their dentists. Dental fillings need replacement over time. If you start experiencing pain or notice a hole beginning to form in your tooth, it may be time for a dental filling appointment.

When you visit Dentistry at Consilium for a tooth-filling Scarborough treatment, we solve your problems at the earliest to prevent damage and provide relief from pain. We will also create a preventive care regimen to minimize your dental visits and solve the issue.

Who Can Have Dental Filling?

Anyone experiencing tooth decay due to cavities can benefit from tooth filling Scarborough. Several materials may be suited to different individuals for filling. The most common materials are silver amalgam and composite resin.

Silver amalgam has been used traditionally for dental fillings. They are made of elemental mercury and an alloy of tin, copper, zinc, and silver. Although amalgams are durable and long-lasting, they have certain drawbacks. The silver in the filling starts to turn dark with time, making your filling noticeable eventually. There are also some concerns about the presence of elemental mercury in the filling. However, the low mercury dose does not have any detrimental health effects.

Composite fillings are a mixture of resin and powdered glass. These are modern fillers growing in popularity because they can be customized to match the tooth’s natural color with unnoticeable results. But composite fillings aren’t as durable as amalgam, and may only last 4-5 years. Additionally, these fillings may need repairs due to erosion by chipping. As such, you will have to bear added repair and maintenance costs.

What to Expect During a Dental Filling Procedure?

When you visit our tooth filling clinic for a treatment, we start with a comprehensive consultation to customize the treatment as per your situation.

Step.1. Consultation

We’ll start with a consultation explaining the process and analyzing the location and extent of tooth damage.

Step 2. Assessment

Our dentists will comprehensively evaluate the areas that need filling with a dental probe. The probe carries a liquid dye that determines the health of the tooth.
Sometimes, an X-ray becomes necessary to gauge the state of tooth decay.

Step 3. Anaesthesia (if applicable)

If the filling size is large, the dentist may administer a local anesthetic to numb adjacent areas of the tooth filling. This ensures the patient’s comfort throughout the procedure. However, if the size of the filling is small or the patient takes certain medications, anesthesia may not be administered for tooth filling.

Step 4. Decay Removal

Next, our dentist will use a laser or a metal drill to cut through the enamel and penetrate the inner layers of your tooth to remove the decay. The area will be sterilized to remove bacteria and prepare the hole for filling.

Step 5. Filling

Depending on the type of filling, the dentist will cover the hole with filling. In the case of amalgam, the dentist will shape the hole and the amalgam to fit into the tooth. For composites, the tooth will first be etched with an acid gel to hold the bonding material. The bonding materials will then be placed for an additional layer. Afterward, the composite resin will be shaped for your tooth and hardened with a blue light.

Step 6. Polishing

The dentist will polish the filling to smoothen the edges and adjust the filling if necessary.

Quality Tooth Fillings Scarborough for your Beautiful Smile

Cavities are a common dental problem, but it’s critical to prevent it from causing further damage. Dentistry at Consilium provides high-quality dental care in Scarborough and surrounding areas. Our dental filling Scarborough treatment can restore the appearance and function of your teeth and eliminate cavities.

We match the natural color of your teeth to create fillings for your healthy and beautiful smile. Book a consultation with our dentists if you or anyone you know has dental cavities.

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