Certified Oral Pathology Diagnosis & Treatment

Oral pathology is the examination and management of oral diseases. It includes a comprehensive and clinical assessment of medical imagery like X-rays and MRI scans, and other methods to detect the existence or extent of diseases in the maxillofacial regions. Oral pathology treatment also includes biopsy reports of tissues in certain cases.

Upon completion of oral pathology, Dr. Saini will follow up with the most appropriate treatment or advice.

Keeping your Smile Healthy & Beautiful

Oral Pathology Treatment in Scarborough

A healthy smile is essential for your overall health.

Dentistry at Consilium offers specialty dentistry services. Our holistic dental practice includes oral pathology where our dentists identify and manage oral diseases in the mouth and jaw. The practice includes assessment and diagnosis of diseases using microscopic, imagery, biochemical, and clinical examinations.

Our oral pathologists diagnose any dental problems that you may have so we can start the treatment at the earliest. Our dentists are passionate about improving and managing your overall health. With the help of advanced tools, we can detect anomalies as early as possible before they aggravate into something painful or uncomfortable.

Our Oral Pathology Services

We, at Dentistry at Consilium, are proud to provide a holistic range of oral pathology treatments including:

Radiographic & clinical imagery

Analysis of immunohistochemical stains

Diagnosis of tissues from maxillofacial specimens

Review via microscopic slides

Biopsy kits and delivery of specimens to dental laboratory

Providing tailored guidance for special Maxillofacial issues on a case-to-case basis

The Importance & Need for Oral Pathology

Hundreds of diseases or anomalies can occur in the mouth. While most of them are oral in origin, some issues are developed elsewhere and make their way to regions in and around your mouth. If these conditions aren’t detected, diagnosed, and treated early, they can have serious consequences – not just on your oral health, but overall health. 

Oral pathology is considered a specialty dentistry practice. It focuses on the diagnosis, clinical investigation, and management of diseases affecting the oral regions and maxillofacial structures. It includes tooth-related issues, neoplasms, inflammatory conditions, and more. 

Early examination and classification are critical to treating various oral diseases early. Some diseases often originate subtly with little to no clinical appearance. Many overt conditions aren’t obvious at first. 

For this reason, Dentistry at Consilium provides full-suite or oral pathology treatments. From X-ray and MRI imagery to microscopically examining tissues, our oral pathologists are specialists in interpreting subtle and intricate signs. 

We provide holistic care and management of your oral health with expertise and high-quality care. 

Expert Oral Pathology Treatment in Scarborough

If you have an oral or facial condition or have been referred for biopsy, our dentists have the experience and skill set to detect, diagnose, and treat any oral condition effectively. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons are highly trained and licensed to maintain your oral and overall health.

Learn more about oral pathology treatments at our dental clinic in Scarborough. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

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